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3d rendering

What we do

Interior Design Buro by Alena Bulataya has been creating commercial and residential projects for more than 11 years.

Now, we are glad to introduce our service of interior design 3D rendering.


We can perform 3D rendering for any kind of interiors: stores, salons, restaurants, homes, apartments.

Any technical and complexity level. Highly detailed with big resolution.


All of our specialists are people with professional design education, so we understand how to match any spaces and object’s technical parameters into the 3D model of the space.

How we do

Why us

  • cost effective services (comparing to the USA market)
  • more than 11 years of experience
  • team members with interior design university degree
  • quick start: you prepare requirements, we estimate and can start within 1-2 working days
  • good management (control expectations, timelines, budget)
  • we can work with very different interior styles, any complexity
  • fast results
  • high quality

Examples from our Portfolio

Our design and 3D rendering


stone apartment

restaurant "stories"


dark bathroom

minimalistic apartment

flowers & coffee shop "kava & kvetki"




restaurant "mood indigo"

restaurant "mood indigo"

master bedroom & bathroom

white apartment

Restaurant in Qatar, Doha

Sandalyeci showroom

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As a team, we are looking for long term partnership therefore we are open for negotiation of any terms and conditions

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