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Brioche Paris, the first bakery and pastry shop, offers premium bread, Viennese bread and desserts made with French ingredients.

That was the base of our inspiration to create the restaurant interior design.


Initially, Brioche Bistro was an open 240 sq.m space with a four-meter ceiling, two columns in the center, and two walls out of four made of glass. During the first construction stage, the WC was relocated to the opposite side, the space was divided by a wall into a kitchen and a dining room. The ceiling was preserved open, with exposed wiring and monochrome painting.


A modern restaurant Brioche Bistro is a multifunctional space with a dining area, the concept of which is based on 3 key components: French wine, French bread and French gastronomy, uniting a coffee shop, bistro and a bakery.

 Here customers can purchase products from a bakery, as well as sit at a table and enjoy a glass of wine. The guest space includes the following zones: wine and bread takeaway display, a bar zone, a lounge zone, and a WC.

The modern restaurant offers a separate menu for breakfasts and a separate one for lunches and dinners. There is no brunch menu so far but there are today’s specials every day. Brioche Bistro is open daily, from 8:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

The principal goal of Brioche Bistro and Brioche Paris is to create ambiance, disseminate French culture and to show what true French cuisine should look and taste like.

Brioche Bistro does not have any target audience – this is an ideal place for both adults and children, men and women, couples and single persons.


Brioche is a French corner that brings the best dining experience, it’s a rendezvous of neighbors, acquaintances and good friends. The “good morning” starts with the smiling staff, a croissant and a cup of invigorating coffee. In a bustling city, you are always willing to find a place where people recognize you, are glad to see you and wait for you. And when this place offers fresh bread, delicious dishes and exceptional wines the enthusiasts of their business put their heart into, it becomes almost your home.


The restaurant interior design boasts of a variety of details, textures and colors. The bar counter extends across the entire guest area replicating the golden tape. Some walls have old plaster imitation finish and match white columns and brass elements well. Two large windows behind the bar, when opened, allow guests to observe the cooking. The color palette used in the restaurant interior design is reminiscent of vibrant cakes and biscuits arranged neatly in a glass display case.


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Our major responsibilities on the project


Analysis of the location and study of the object. Conducting measurements, development of a dimensional drawing. Study and analysis of installed utilities. Photo fixation. Final connection of the developed design to the engineering networks. Drawing up the technical specification and documentation. Final configuration of finishing materials, furniture, equipment and their places of purchase

CREATIVE WORK & 3D Visualization

Reference Analysis. Сhoosing the style of design. Creating a room design concept. Creation of planning solutions. Sketching, volumetric design. Principle-based selection of furniture and materials. Photorealistic 3D visualization

Project management

Control of the work performed in accordance with the design project. Supervision of production of items, performed according to individual projects. Introduction of changes in the drawing documentation, occurred after dismantling of the old and construction of new partitions, leveling of floors, walls and ceilings. Equipment and finishing materials ordering. Placement of decorative elements in the interior


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