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about us

My name is Alena Bulataya. I am a founder and art director of my own Design Buro.


All my childhood I was surrounded by interesting creative people, beautiful things.

Having successfully graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts, where I studied interior design, I continued my professional education in Milan to gain more knowledge and learn how to create even more elegant and unusual designs. At that time I was working in an interior design studio, but one day I decided to realize my own ambitions and show the world my own vision.

Having opened my studio more than 10 years ago, today it has a close-knit team of experienced design and architecture professionals who help me create memorable and cozy interiors. What is our design vision? I would describe it this way: elegant, modern chic that meets all standards of functionality and, of course, the client’s wishes and goals. 



Looking forward to working with you,
Alena Bulataya


Reviews from our clients

Eugene Fedorinchik, owner of the showroom Light Avenue
Our company turned to Alena Bulataya for a design for the showroom. I never thought that such an unattractive space could be transformed into such a beauty. The girls from her team quickly solved all the issues and provided estimates for materials. Energetically pleasant and cool team 🙌 We were satisfied with the work and the result 😉
Galina Korsak, owner of the BRIOCHE – chain of French bakeries
From the very first meeting, as a client, I realized that Alena Bulataya and I have a similar view of beauty. We have already implemented 3 projects together, and each time these are objects that attract everyone’s attention – bright, authentic, fascinating. In addition to the unconditional love of the guests for our interiors, we also received the attention of the strictest international juries and won international competitions. It was also very easy and joyful to work psychologically with Alena and her team. Everyone has always been calm and positive. I hope we will do more than one project together!
Eugene, co-owner of John Dory
Our task was to create an updated interior of the John Dory fish shop in Novaya Borovaya district. It was our first store in a new format with a fully equipped kitchen. Alena creatively approached the solution of the problem. We have created an airy and unobtrusive space, added insteresting accents. In addition, we managed to meet the budget, to circumvent the strict restrictions that our brand book dictates to us. In the end, we got a great object, which is loved not only by us, but also by the residents of Novaya Borovaya.
Asya Sonmez, apartment owner
My house is my temple. For me, the most important aspect is the energy of a person who touches the place where I will live from the initial stages. Turning to Alena was the best decision that could have happened to me.  Two years have passed, and I’m still going home, I think – it’s great.


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