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My name is Alena Bulataya. I am a founder and art director of my own Design Buro.


All my childhood I was surrounded by interesting creative people, beautiful things. Let’s say I was growing in an art environment, visiting art school. After high school, I successfully graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts where I was seriously studying interior design. However, I continued my education in Milano simultaneously working in an interior design studio until once upon a time I decided to explore my ambitions, demonstrating to the world my own aesthetics.


This initiative has been started more than 11 years ago and now I have an entire team that I mentor to transfer and extrapolate my approach. Talking about the last one, I would explain it as elegant modern chic correlated with functionality and the client’s context. On the hand, you will find interesting aspects in our interiors, which you will consider very inspiring and impressive. On the other hand, all our spaces are very functional whether a boutique or an apartment.


Looking forward to working with you,
Alena Bulataya



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