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interior Decoration services

If you do not need renovation activities in your space (walls are painted, floors are prepared, etc.) we can decorate the interior. What do we do?


  • Define the interior style, create a mood board
  • Analyze your space technical parameters
  • Create concepts of the design: furniture, accessories, pieces of art for decoration, etc.
  • Create 3d visualization of the space
  • Prepare the references of items used for the design concept


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3d rendering

Alena Bulataya Design Buro can accomplish very difficult and detailed interior and exterior angles. We are specialists in working with various interior modeling tools: 3D Studio Max, SketchUp, etc.


For 3D visualization, we work in the following way:

  • Specify all the details (which angles, how detailed, quality, etc.)
  • Collect all the required assets for model creation
  • Required angels creation and presentation to you

We work fast and can perform your request in a couple of working days.


See more about 3D rendering in Alena Bulataya Design Buro.

full design service

Our team can work with the interior design for the spaces that require total renovation


Analysis of the location and study of the object. Conducting measurements, development of a dimensional drawing.
Study and analysis of installed utilities. Photo fixation. Final connection of the developed design to the engineering networks. Drawing up the technical specification and documentation. Final configuration of finishing materials, furniture, equipment and their places of purchase

Creative work and 3d visualization

Reference Analysis. Choosing the style of design. Creating a room design concept. Creation of planning solutions. Sketching, volumetric design. Principle-based selection of furniture and materials. Photorealistic 3D visualization

Project management

Control of the work performed in accordance with the design project. Supervision of production of items, performed according to individual projects. Introduction of changes in the drawing documentation, occurred after dismantling of the old and construction of new partitions, leveling of floors, walls and ceilings. Equipment and finishing materials ordering. Placement of decorative elements in the interior



Please drop us a line to find out how our studio can help bring your project to fruition. We will reply as quickly as possible.