Beauty space Maison de Catherine -

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beauty salon



Year of the project

fashion pop-art


Beauty space "Maison de Catherine"

The beauty space is located in an old building with high ceilings. The interior was decided to be made in a classic style with playful accents.

The owner of the salon is a fashionable and popular make-up artist, who leads make-up courses and is also engaged in quick tanning. Therefore, the range of salon services is quite large.


The following premises can be distinguished in the beauty space: a common room in which the hairdressing service area, manicure tables and pedicure chairs. Going to the left is the room for make-up master classes. Passing further, we find ourselves in a miniature corridor, from which you can go to a guest bathroom, a beauty parlor and a quick tanning studio.


The main colour range is monocolor with additional color – powdery pink.

Getting from the entrance to the premises of the beauty salon, the visitor is greeted by the reception area, made in dusty black and aged facades. The walls of the reception are embroidered with minimalistic moldings that form a stylish honeycomb structure. The floor of the entire salon is made of wood-colored porcelain stoneware in a classic layout. The common area is designed mainly in white with black contrasting fittings and furniture, as well as an abundance of brass metal parts.

The hall of master classes is a room with an abundance of mirrors that form an endless perspective. Various light sources are located around each of them, thanks to which the makeup training is as effective as possible. Nearby is a powdery textile wall, against the background of which the process of shooting the learning result takes place. A white chest of drawers with an abundance of drawers holds a large amount of cosmetics for work. Window and door slopes, as well as an open storage area for clothes, are finished in white ceramic squares with black fugue. The room has an additional entrance for the convenience of visitors who park in the yard.

The beauty parlor has a very relaxing atmosphere. On one of the largest walls there is a panel with decorative sconces. The white built-in “kitchen” contains all the preparations and materials for work. At the entrance there is a round mirror with illumination and candles, which visually very relaxed visitors before and after the procedure.


The tanning cabinet is finished in sepia and powdery pink shades, so that the result of the spraying processes is invisible on the walls and floor. The walls are finished with the most brutal old brick, which was partially exposed and brought out for review by visitors.

The guest bathroom is divided horizontally in half, the lower part is the already familiar and characteristic of the salon square white tiles with black fugue. Top is favorite powdery pink. There are mirrors on several walls, which, with the correct viewing angle, form an infinity, which is spectacular in the photo.rick, which was partially exposed and brought out for review by visitors.


Our major responsibilities on the project


Analysis of the location and study of the object. Conducting measurements, development of a dimensional drawing. Study and analysis of installed utilities. Photo fixation. Final connection of the developed design to the engineering networks. Drawing up the technical specification and documentation. Final configuration of finishing materials, furniture, equipment and their places of purchase

CREATIVE WORK & 3D Visualization

Reference Analysis. Сhoosing the style of design. Creating a room design concept. Creation of planning solutions. Sketching, volumetric design. Principle-based selection of furniture and materials. Photorealistic 3D visualization

Project management

Control of the work performed in accordance with the design project. Supervision of production of items, performed according to individual projects. Introduction of changes in the drawing documentation, occurred after dismantling of the old and construction of new partitions, leveling of floors, walls and ceilings. Equipment and finishing materials ordering. Placement of decorative elements in the interior


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