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old french castle


Mood indigo

The restaurant is located in pre-war building in old part of the city. It’s made in style of old castle with characteristic elements, materials and architectural techniques. In a basement of a philosophy of the interior is a Boris Vian’s novel «Mood Indigo», which was popular in France in the middle of last century. The main accent is an East European cuisine in contemporary interpretation.

Design challenges

The space of the restaurant includes four rooms, passing one to another and surrounded by main walls. This architectural reception can be met in medieval palazzo and castles. The kitchen is located on the ground floor, the guest area is situated on the main floor. After the beginning of building it was shown that walls consist of last century brick and ceiling lies on antique beams and covered with shingles. All these elements are saved and opened for visitors.


After the beginning of dismantling work, it was discovered that the walls conceal ancient bricks of the last century, and the ceiling lies on beams and is covered with shingles. These elements have been preserved and are on display for visitors to see. 


Vaulted ceilings with stucco and antique interior items in an interesting way coexist with modern furniture and fixtures.

The centerpiece of this room is a portrait hanging over the fireplace. It depicts Jean Paul Sartre eavesdropping on us, laughing at the ideas and opinions of modern man.


The emphasis of the interior is made on light installations and many plants.

In this room is a greenhouse, like a garden blooming inside each of us, illuminating everything around us.

ROOM 'Somewhere in france'

The combination of brown and burgundy, as well as mirrored surfaces and large windows, set this room in the mood of a French bar-restaurant.

“They’re sipping tea and weak liquors, so they don’t have to think about what they’re writing, and people go in and out, not a café, but a courtyard of sorts, and this shakes settled in the depths of consciousness thoughts, and then it is easy to get at random one, then another, and even no need to cut off the unnecessary, it is only worth writing them down, and at the same time all the unnecessary too, and dilute the one in the other. ”


This guest area at the entrance of the restaurant is bathed in soft sunlight.

So airy and unremarkable, it nevertheless prepares visitors to dive into the magical world of Boris Vian’s dreams come true.

Design details

Vaulted ceiling with stucco and antique items get along with contemporary furniture and lighting. The accent of the interior is in lighting installations and plurality of plants. There are a lot of items from the novel «Mood Indigo» with a certain sense in the interior. In every room it’s easy to find an emphasis item: chandelier on the table, the lighting installations with plants, mirror bar counter, which dissolves in the space, basin mixer from the ceiling and act.


Our major responsibilities on the project


Analysis of the location and study of the object. Conducting measurements, development of a dimensional drawing. Study and analysis of installed utilities. Photo fixation. Final connection of the developed design to the engineering networks. Drawing up the technical specification and documentation. Final configuration of finishing materials, furniture, equipment and their places of purchase

CREATIVE WORK & 3D Visualization

Reference Analysis. Сhoosing the style of design. Creating a room design concept. Creation of planning solutions. Sketching, volumetric design. Principle-based selection of furniture and materials. Photorealistic 3D visualization

Project management

Control of the work performed in accordance with the design project. Supervision of production of items, performed according to individual projects. Introduction of changes in the drawing documentation, occurred after dismantling of the old and construction of new partitions, leveling of floors, walls and ceilings. Equipment and finishing materials ordering. Placement of decorative elements in the interior


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